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Foundamental Principles
Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Q1: How does Gurney's Green Chicken mature in 45 days?

A:1. Closed house system (tight biosecurity controlled environment) - minimize the risk of chicken infected by diseases.

2. Advanced breed selection - ensure fast growing and high immune system chickens.

3 . Better nutrition - The chicken s well-fed with daily nutrition requirements produced by our in-house nutritionist. only truly pure and nutritional ingredients may be used, additives only being permitted if they are essential to the birds' good health and the enduring good quality of their meat. Strictly forbidden are animal matter, bone meal or growth factors (such as antibiotics).

4. Management knowledge - The chicken receives 5-star treatment by our specialist management team.

Q2: Does Gurney's Chicken contain hormones or antibiotics?

A:1. No hormones have been administered to Gurney's Chicken.

2. Antibiotics are sometimes administered to combat infections when other management strategies have been unsuccessful.

3. The chickens are inspected by vets before and after antibiotic administration and they are checked before processing and withholding periods apply.

4. Only antibiotics assessed and approved for use in the livestock industries by regulatory authorities are used.

5. Regular inspection by Department of Veterinary Services on antibiotic, hormones and bird flu is carried out.

Q3: Are Gurney's Chicken processed in a chemical free way?

A:1. During the cleaning process, chicken carcasses are washed with water and that water generally contains small levels of chlorine. The chlorine kills bacteria in the water and regulatory authorities control chlorine levels.

2. To maintain food safety and quality, chicken carcasses need to be chilled quickly using spin chilling method. The water used for spin chilling must be chlorinated or contain an approved food grade sanitiser.

3. The Malaysian Standard Construction of premises and hygienic production of poultry mean for human consumption details how poultry should be produced in Malaysia . Poultry processing plants are licensed and inspected routinely by the relevant regulatory authority.