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Foundamental Principles
Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Gtrace+™ is Gurney's standard for food quality and information provision”

Consumers must be able to trust the food they buy. They need to know what they are eating and where it came from. This places obligations on food producers.

Which is why Gurney developed Gtrace+. Gtrace+ is an ambitious programme. It encompasses all our quality assurance, food safety and traceability activities. The introduction of Gtrace+  was started in 2005.

Gtrace+ has four columns:

Gtrace+ Certified Quality
We meet international quality standards and are fully certificated.
Gtrace+ Monitoring
We continuously check all the standards in our companies. Warning systems are triggered at the slightest discrepancy.
Gtrace+ Risk management
We have devised a range of measures to minimise potential risks. We have introduced specific procedures for quickly and effectively managing and eliminating any problems. A crisis team is called into action immediately if there is an emergency.
Gtrace+ Tracking & Tracing
A tracing system that runs through the entire production chain. All data are recorded and therefore known. Whatever we want to know about a product, we can trace back.
We can see what has happened at every stage in a transparent chain. This openness is the basis for customer and consumer confidence.


Gtrace+ supplies information from the entire production chain. In addition to information on food safety, for instance, the data also give an insight into matters affecting meat quality, such as tenderness, fat content or flavour. We call this our UQP. UQP stands for Ultimate Quality Policy which we will incorporate into the Gtrace+ system in due course. The dual result is product safety and product quality.


Gtrace+ is an umbrella approach to food quality and information provision. It is being implemented throughout DBE Group. This applies equally to chicken and feed plants.